Confucius Cup SF Asian Youth Talent Competition Launches

Listen up young artists!!! A CHANCE IS HERE. SF Asian Youth Talent Competition in the Bay area covering vocal, instrumental and dance has just launched. Don’t hide your talents, let it out and show it to the world!


The Judges Team is comprised of many leading artists from the bay area. The lead judge is Sandra Wright Shen, renowned Concert Pianist, AFAF Judge, and Steinway & Sons Artist. Joining the judge panel also includes the Music Director and Conductor of Peninsula Symphony, Mitchell Klein, and the Music Director and Conductor of Santa Cruz Symphony, Daniel Stewart. We strive to provide a positive experience for all contestants. A round table discussion session will be arranged for contestants to meet with the judges.


Selected Prizes:


  • Grand Prix Performance at AFAF Carnegie Hall
  • Brevard Music Center Scholarship (up to $2000 for instrumental)
  • Cash prize up to $500
  • Submission starts now, final competition is March 2016.


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你孩子喜欢歌唱,舞蹈和乐器吗?现在他/她就有机会被保送到美国最高艺术殿堂AFAF的纽约卡耐基音乐厅表演,获得有着79年历史的Brevard Music Center奖学金,免费参加中国侨办资助的夏令营。才艺联赛的裁判团队是由湾区顶尖的艺术家组成,主裁判是著名钢琴家Sandra Wright Shen (AFAF裁判, Steinway & Son Artist),还有湾区著名的交响乐团的指挥/音乐主任加盟裁判。我们注重孩子参赛的积极经历,届时会安排参赛学生和裁判的圆桌会议,增加交流。




请大家积极报名参加并帮助宣传由齐鲁会馆和欣欣教育基金会主办,天目教育基金会和Myriad Music School & Dance Academy协办的湾区首届孔子杯亚裔青少年才艺联赛。比赛已经开始接受报名。详情请并登陆网站: